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In the quiet town of Exeter, just 50 kilometers north of London, the last sounds of summer are fading against a backdrop of still September air. Crickets drone, water cascades softly in MacNaughton Park, and if you listen very closely, you can almost hear the trees taking their last breath of green, before exhaling into a vibrant plethora of yellows, oranges and reds.

Sure, you can watch autumn unfurl in London – but why not celebrate the changing of the seasons with a leisurely 30-minute drive through the scenic farmlands that line Highway 4, and enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner at Eddington’s of Exeter?

James Eddington has accomplished while still in his early 30’s what many chef/owners achieve in midlife or later: owning and operating his own successful restaurant in a single location for the past 13 years. Share his passion for paring good wines with delicious food at a reasonable price. James brings a light-hearted approach and a youthful zest to his classic setting at Eddington’s. His passion for the industry and his forward thinking are an interesting contrast to the historic home he has carved out for himself.

Tremendous flavor. It really sums up my version of a good night out.

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